According to the norms of the Russian legislation, foreign citizens and stateless persons have the right to enter the Russian Federation only through authorized state border crossing points with mandatory undergoing border procedure.

There are no crossing points for international traffic on the roads and railroad tracks through the Russian-Belarusian section of the State Border of the Russian Federation and border control for persons and vehicles is not carried out.

Crossing of the Russian-Belarusian State Border by all categories of citizens of third countries and stateless persons with the use of rail and road transport WILL BE A VIOLATION of the procedure for crossing the State Border of Russia, regardless of whether they have a visa or a permit for permanent or temporary residence in Russia and Belarus.

Foreign nationals and stateless persons can cross the Russian-Belarusian state border by direct air flights between Belarus and Russia. Border control procedures are taken at Russian airports. For foreign nationals and stateless persons arriving from the Republic of Belarus and departing in the opposite direction.

Foreign nationals and stateless persons travelling on transit flights through the territory of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Belarus must get Russian transit visas.

All categories of foreign citizens and stateless persons can arrive to the Russian Federation and depart from the Russian Federation through multilateral (bilateral) check points open for international traffic (including international flights).